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Reflexology works by encouraging your body to heal itself and rediscover it's natural state of well being. It is an ancient practice of touch which relaxes your body and unblocks and soothes it's internal systems.

By applying pressure to reflex points located on and around the foot, the reflexologist can treat the whole body by gently releasing imbalanced energy and encouraging the immune system to perform to it's highest potential.


I studied reflexology at the Irish School of Natural Healing and graduated in 2010. I trained in the Ingham method of reflexology, a holistic approach to the art which was pioneered in the 1930's America and is now a worldwide practice. As a sculptor and reflexologist, my sense of touch is highly developed and my therapies are built around my ability to apply consistent and intuitive pressure throughout the treatment.

Reflex points which are initially tender can effortlessly withstand very deep pressure after they have been relaxed, stretched, flexed, and thoroughly massaged. I encourage the client to envision the energy dissipation during treatments and have found this to be remarkably effective when working with children. For clients with very low pain thresholds, I find that relaxation techniques are the key to relieving built up tension.

Sculpture and reflexology create harmony in my life. Working intimately with wood is physically and mentally demanding because each piece is an expression of my own energies, a release of introspective emotions. Reflexology is my connection to the outer , whereby I am a conduit for this same release that comes from somebody else. Wood and people are connected to me by the power of my hands and my goal is the same for each; to allow them to sit peacefully in their surroundings.


Consultations will provide guidelines on how to implement small but effective changes to diet and lifestyle before gently delving into the energy zones of the feet with a series of relaxation techniques. These techniques serve to show up key areas of blocked energy which affect the body; functions such as digestion, excretion of toxins, hormone regulation and blood circulation.Deeper touches then bring about a series of physical and emotional releases until the feet are cleared of blockages and refreshed, and is usually followed by an  improved nights' sleep.

Visit www.shinereflexology.com or call James on 086 660 9818 to book a treatment.

Email; james@shinereflexology.com